Exactly the kind of $#!% I’m talking about.

This, from the Washington Post;


Now please ask yourself, gentle reader, which is the likely explanation?

A) The intellectual elite of this country, the future political and social leaders of our nation, are so outraged and traumatized by the events in Ferguson and Staten Island that they’re overcome by anger and grief, especially the large portion of Columbia Law students that hail from lower class upbringings like Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

B) They were too busy protesting to study, and the university tacitly agrees with the politics of the issue, so they’re being given a free pass to protest instead of prepare for finals.

To add insult to injury, Harvard Law students are demanding similar consideration. The link below is to a wordpress site they have set up to publically exchange letters with administration on the issue.


I’ll leave it up to you to figure out where this is headed.

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